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UV sanitizing portable wand - New Orleans Habitat for Humanity ReStore Elysian Fields

UV sanitizing portable wand

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Sanitize effectively: the UV wand works to kill 99.9% of germs - it destroys their DNA structure and their ability to reproduce before destroying the germ itself, there are no chemicals involved or damage to any surfaces/materials

• Compact for travel: carry your UV wand anywhere you go - no more hoping the grocery store has sanitizing wipes or having to touch a dirty gas pump - the wand can be folded and portable to be carried with ease and is safe to use almost anywhere

• Sterilize your essentials: the dirtiest items in the house are the ones you are probable touch the most - use this to efficiently clean and sterilize you phone, keyboard, toothbrush, and other small objects

• Automatic safety: a built in safety mechanism to automatically shut off whenever the light is faced upwards