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Soloflex Vibration Board - New Orleans Habitat for Humanity ReStore Elysian Fields

Soloflex Vibration Board

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 The Soloflex WBV Platform is perfect for everyone - from seniors to professional athletes and everyone in between.  From the athlete looking for an edge to the person simply needing a bit more assistance.

 The Soloflex WBV provides benefits akin to physical activity with less effort and less risk of injury.  Benefits include increased blood flow circulation, increased flexibility, and muscle gain. 

 Whole Body Vibration can provide relief from a variety of physical ailments.  Our customers have reported relief of chronic pain, poor circulation, cramping and arthritis when using whole body vibration. 

 Soloflex WBV is designed as a workout platform, perfectly proportioned and padded for weight lifting, free body exercises, yoga, pilates, general stretching or simply standing or sitting. The perfect length allows for wide stance exercises and the narrowness allows for range of motion beyond parallel.  The low profile is makes it very safe for all activities.  No tower to obstruct any exercise; full range of motion.